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For a variety of reasons, microfilming may be your best choice for preserving information. And once you decide that you need microfilm copies of source material, you need to choose a service bureau that can provide you with quality film, created to standards by well trained technicians.

When you work with Northern Micrographics on your microfilming projects, you’ll get that and more. After all, we have fifty years of successful experience in the micrographics industry, a milestone any organization would be proud to achieve.

We’re proud of our tenure and even more proud of the company we’ve kept during those years. Partnerships with organizations of all types and sizes, working with a great variety of materials that customers have wanted to preserve.

When you work with Northern Micrographics, whether you’re a society or professional organization creating microform versions of your journals, an academic institution filming theses and other monographs, a library or local history society creating a preservation copy of local newspapers, or a corporation creating parts catalogs, owner's manuals and engineering drawings, you work with the most experienced and qualified micrographics company in the country.

If it’s your first film project, we’ll answer your questions. In fact, we’ve assisted customers with the development of internal standards for the creation and maintenance of microform systems allowing easy cost/benefit analysis for implementation. And if you already know what you need, you’ll find that when you work with us, you’ll talk with knowledgeable, professional people.

And all of our work conforms to ANSI/AIIM/RLG specifications so you can be assured that your film is archival quality. Northern Micrographics also offers archival storage for your master negatives in a fireproof vault that conforms to ANSI storage standards.

Whether you need one film master, or assistance in distributing film duplicates, we’ll work with you to insure high quality product and services.

Microfilm Services
  • 16 mm, 35 mm, and 105 mm (fiche) silver halide film formats.
  • All master and duplicate film complies with ANSI/ISO guidelines.
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled microform vault storage per ISO 18911.
  • Methylene blue testing services per ISO 18917 to verify adequate film washing for permanence of photographic records.

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