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In 1947, as Microcard Corporation, we established the first microfiche imaging production facility in the United States, making the new imaging method widely available for the first time. Ever since, Northern Micrographics has specialized in developing new solutions for both preservation and access.

Embracing the newest archiving technologies
During the 1970s and 1980s, developments in microfilm made unprecedented quality possible. As digital imaging emerged, Northern Micrographics adapted new digital technologies to create more robust preservation, cataloguing, retrieval and distribution options.

A reputation for excellence in collection preservation
Applying our broad experience, we consult with clients and make thoughtful recommendations based on their priorities. We offer a wide range of preservation services and software including microfilming, digital archiving, metadata creation, search and distribution of images, text and audio.

Our proprietary software products, ProSeek and PhotoAtlas, fill specific needs identified through many years of collaborating with our clients.

Each project is unique. Begin the conversation about yours.