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Case Studies
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How we work
We contribute value to archiving projects beyond the technical operations. This value comes from how we work with clients to meet the challenges inherent in each project. We help weigh options and make recommendations for best quality, a smoother conversion process, optimal use of organizational resources and a better experience for users.

These are a few examples documenting the preservation process and our role in it. Please contact us to discuss your vision for preserving and distributing your unique assets and any special considerations that must be addressed. No matter what your challenge, we have experience that will be relevant to your solution.

Bound Book Scanning
An extensive collection including priceless reference materials required customized approaches.
Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago

Ease of use is the top priority for researchers comparing various editions of the same works.
The Lusiads by Camoes

Special Collections
100 years of beautiful, detailed advertising art, preserved as a high-quality digital archive.
General Mills

Disbound Book Scanning
Two university libraries share resources to create an important social history.
Making of America

Bound Book Scanning
Fragile originals become a web-based gateway to historic images.
Historic Pittsburgh

A new standard is developed for converting old photographic negatives to useable digital assets.
Minnesota Historical Society

It Starts With One Project
A library capitalizes on its genealogy and local history collections, building impressive print and web-based digital assets.
L. E. Phillips Public Library

Maine Writers Correspondence Project

Digitizing about 60 years of correspondence between Maine authors, their families, publishers and Maine State Library staff members bring value and interest to the Maine Author Collection.
Maine State Library