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Why Microfilming?
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The final products are as diverse as the collections we scan—searchable online databases, acid-free prints, bound books or off-site ANSI vault data storage. Regardless of the destination, many projects begin with high-quality digitization.

Start with virtually any original
  • Documents and drawings up to J-size
  • Bound, disbound and rare books
  • 16mm/35mm roll film and 105mm microfiche
  • Photographic prints, slides, negatives and newspapers
Many images require extra care
Post-scan operations can include cropping, deskewing, dithering, despeckling, manual clean up, image zoning, OCR and the assignment of metadata for indexing. Certain post-scan adjustments applicable to all images can be automated. Applying global corrections reduces processing time, allowing faster delivery and cost savings.

Whether you follow NDNP,  FADGI, ResCarta or your own, Northern Micrographics has the experience to create data according to your project requirements. Digital specifications are customized for each project, including scanning resolution/bit-depth (bitone, grayscale and color), and file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPG, JPEG2000, BMP or GIF. We will provide sample digitized images processed to your specifications for your internal review and as a demonstration of the end product for organizational leadership, funders and other stakeholders.

Assistance with project parameters

Our extensive experience with project planning and management is a valuable resource for our clients. We offer file directory development to ensure that archived information is easily accessible and appropriately structured for present and future uses. Possible solutions may also include our ProSeek software. Contact us to discuss your imaging project.