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Why Microfilming?
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Whether you’re a society creating microform versions of journals, an academic institution filming theses and other monographs, a library creating a preservation copy of newspapers or a corporation creating catalogs, manuals and engineering drawings, you will appreciate working with the most experienced and qualified micrographics company in the country.

Our fifty years in micrographic archiving has been well spent exploring all the possibilities offered by technology. We are knowledgeable in every aspect of system design and can assist with developing cost/benefit analyses, setting internal standards, specifying maintenance requirements and distributing film duplicates.

In addition, we provide archival storage for master negatives in our temperature, humidity-controlled (per ISO 18911) and fireproof vault conforming to ANSI standards.

Impeccable image quality
  • 16 mm, 35 mm, and 105 mm (fiche) silver halide film formats are offered
  • All master and duplicate film compliant with ANSI, ISO AIIM and RLG specifications
  • Methylene blue testing services per ISO 18917 to verify permanence of photographic records
  • Polysulfide treatment (brown toning) process to convert the silver in silver halide film to a more stable silver sulfide. This will help resist oxidation caused by high temperature, high humidity, and atmospheric pollutants.
  • All processes subject to full battery testing as part of the INFOGUARD Quality Assurance program
If it’s your first film project, we’ll answer your questions and guide you to a solution. If you already know your requirements, working with knowledgeable professionals makes the process simple. Get in touch to discuss your micrographic project.

Why Microfilming?