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PhotoAtlas photo database and display program
Photographs are single moments in time that, together, can form a fascinating story about a community’s past. But photo collections are difficult to organize and dispPhotoAtlaslay, so some rarely see the light of day. Their storytelling potential is unlocked with PhotoAtlas.

Searches and tours

PhotoAtlas publishes your photo collection to the web, giving it context with location pins, detail and commentary. Click on the map or enter a search term and see photos, notes, stories, even movies or oral histories associated with the location. Multiple photographs can present the story of a single building or property through time and create a rich historical narrative.

Easy to administer
It’s easy to add, delete, edit or change photos and metadata in the PhotoAtlas database using tools provided in the administrative module. The site administrator can quickly import images, define image watermarks, add and delete tours or points of interest and move pins to tag locations more accurately.

Design and hosting choices
Choose the look of your web archive using one of our PhotoAtlas templates, or create one based on your current website design.

PhotoAtlas is ready to install on your web server, compatible with your Windows 2000/2003/2008 server MS IIS and MS .NET Version 2.0. If you prefer, we can host PhotoAtlas. See our hosting services.

See our Demo site, review available templates or view the movie
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