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The horse image in our logo—derived from cave drawings at Lascaux, France—is emblematic of our mission. After 17 millennia, the Lascaux drawings were threatened with destruction. Actions taken to preserve them are an inspiration to us in the work we do every day.

Document preservation specialists with experience
Northern Micrographics leadership, the technical team and production specialists understand what you want to achieve. They apply meticulous protocols and best practices to every project.
  • Our combined experience spans many preservation projects, large and small. Some projects exceeded 2 million images.
  • All team members follow prescribed best practices and technical standards such as ANSI, AIIM and RLG
  • The imaging team is trained in the special handling of rare and fragile materials
  • Our imaging team members have an average 5 years’ experience in the technologies used for filming and scanning
  • We adhere to ANSI/AIIM/RLG standards during all phases of production
Our Leadership Team

Daniel Gelatt
President and CEO
608-781-0850 ext. 104

Tom Connelly
VP, Production
608-781-0850 ext. 112

Scott Pechacek
VP, Sales & Marketing
608-781-0850 ext. 107
Our Sales Team

Colleen Lubinsky
Regional Sales Manager
Eastern Region
800-236-0850  ext. 130

Al Hamilton
Regional Sales Manager
Western Region
800-236-0850 ext. 125

Renee Jordan
Regional Sales Manager
Special Libraries, Nationwide
800-236-0850  ext. 133